Commercial Clients

The Shot Clinic, LLC would love to service your business. The following services can be scheduled at you and your employee’s convenience.

Call us today @ 501-225-7468 to set up an account and/ or schedule any of the following:

Biometric Health Screenings

Biometric health screenings are evaluations intended to identify current and potential medical problems. It is generally done onsite at a client’s worksite, but Biometric testing can also be arranged on a drop in basis by appointment at our clinic. Biometric testing should be done once a year to monitor health changes. Employers should reassure all employees of strict confidentiality during testing, how results are provided and after counseling. They should also emphasize that testing is voluntary, but a valuable service to them. Health education materials will be made available for all employees, regardless of their health risk level.

Each biometric screening will measure these essential health factors:

  • Height measurement
  • Weight measurement
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist circumference (abdominal girth)
  • Fasting glucose/Blood sugar (the amount of sugar in the blood)
  • Total cholesterol

The above lab work is processed by a professional top laboratory.

Due to the nature of the test an 8 hour fasting period is required prior to the screening. Only water or black coffee are accepted as fasting.

Health screening can have a tremendously positive impact on employee’s health, productivity, and wellbeing. When aware of these findings, employees are more likely to take a proactive role in their health and lifestyle changes.

After the individual screening the employee will be counseled regarding personal health risks including an explanation of results, as well as goal-setting tips, online resources, and written information from a Nurse or Wellness Coach. This serves to create awareness of potential health problems and health conditions, which will assist in motivating employees to make positive lifestyle and behavioral changes.

When biometric testing reveals an individual at high-risk, then the employee will also be encouraged to see their personal physician for treatment and advice.

The Shot Clinic, LLC maintains strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines, and does not share employees’ individual results with you, the employer. After the screening results are processed, your employees will receive a confidential report that indicates which, if any, of their measurements are normal and which, if any, are outside the normal range.

Please contact the clinic directly if any further information
is needed: 501-225-7468.

Flu Clinics

For groups of 10 or more The Shot Clinic can come to your place of business at your convenience to administer influenza vaccinations between the months of October and May (when flu season starts and ends). Client billing can be set up or major insurance is accepted with a front and back copy of the employee’s driver’s license and Insurance card.

Urine Drug Screening- DOT and non-DOT

In clinic or on site- for your group or 10 or more- providing rapid detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites.

We offer the following screenings:

  • 6 panel: Cocaine, Opiates, THC, Amphetamines, and Methamphetamines, & PCP or
  • 10 panel: includes the six above tests along with Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Methadone, & Propoxyphene (Darvon).

Testing is done with strict protocols and government standards and takes approximately 15 minutes. Results can be faxed. Presumptive positive results are confirmed with Quest Diagnostics for an additional fee.

Health and Wellness Shots

For your group or 10 or more -On site shots for wellness (see our Wellness tab for a complete list including vitamin shots, testosterone therapy , & immunizations) given at your place of business. Scheduled and/or routine visits can be made to service you and your employees at your convenience. For TRT and immunizations major insurance is accepted with a front and back copy of the employee’s driver’s license and Insurance card.

TB Skin Testing

For your group of 10 or more can be scheduled with administration at your convenience with a follow up appointment for readings 48-72 hours later, at your convenience. (Note: This does not include weekends.)


For a group of 10 or more these can be scheduled upon notification at your place of business for no additional fee. Major insurance is accepted with a front and back copy of the employee’s driver’s license and Insurance card.